Best TIG Welder Reviews in 2021 | Full Buyer’s Guide

Best TIG Welder

Tig welding is the most famous name in the welding industry because of its stunning features and work. This is also known as Tungsten Inert Gas welding because these Tig welder is consuming tungsten gas for welding. This welding is gathering popularity just because of its clean and amazes work. You will get a clean, smooth and spatter-free welds which give your welding an amazing visually look. Tig welder is very different from other welders because you need to be a master to work with this welding machine.

With these stunning features, here are some more points about best tig welder. If you want to use these welding machines, then you need to use both hands at the same time, which makes it more difficult from other welders. So, before going for any tig welder, you should check out some best tig welder for beginner, with these welders you can quickly learn how you can work with small tig welders. Now without wasting your time, I would like to tell you about the best ac/dc tig welder for the money:

7 Best TIG Welders in Our List:

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1. Hobart 500554001:

Hobart 500554001

Hobart 500554001 grab the first position in the list of top 7 best tig welders. Hobart is the most known brand in the welding industry. If you are an expert and thinking to change your tig welder, then I will suggest you move to this unit, and even beginners will also love this unit. You can handle all professional project with Hobart 500554001 welder.

If you work with massive steel and aluminum sheets, then you will need a powerful welder. Hobart 500554001 can fulfill your requirements because Hobart is coming with the combination of Hobart 500554001 190 and SpoolRunner 100 MIG welder which makes it super powerful than other welding machines. With this best tig welder for aluminum, you will experience, it can weld up to 24 gauge steel.

With this massive power, you can easily weld heavy metals and stainless steel sheets. It is easy to set up and use due to its intuitive design. No matter if you are a beginner or expert you can easily handle this ac tig welder. You will get wire feeder technology in this welder which will give you the quick access to release the drive roll lever. Hobart 500554001 come with 25 to 190 amps output power at 230v.

Hobart 500554001 Review

SpoolRunner 100 comes with only 5 pounds weight, and it can handle up to .023 to .035 inch wire. This tig welder allows you to use it in all situations. Hobart 500554001 is a stunning tig welder because you will are getting some fantastic features in this welding machine.

In this machine, you will have an option to control the voltage as well as infinite wire feed speed control function. With this feature, you can adjust the volume of voltage according to your requirements.

Sometimes your welder supports only 4inch reel, but in this welding machine, you can use 4 & 8-inch reels according to your work. If you are working on a project and 4-inch reel is not sufficient for work, then you can easily change it to the 8inch reel any time. It will not take much time, and it will save you time too. That means you have the best combination of Flux Core and MIG welding wire in Hobart 500554001.

Features of Hobart 500554001:

  • Very powerful to weld almost everything.
  • Easy to use.
  • Welds 24 ga. To 5/16in. steel in a single pass.
  • 25 to 190 output amperage.
  • Voltage Control System.
Hobart 500554001 Handler 190 with SpoolRunner 100
  • Welds 24 ga. to 5/16in. steel in single pass
  • Powerful and Professional Results. Operates on 230V power
  • 25 to 190 output amperage

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2. Lincoln Electric K2185 1 Handy Mig Welder

Lincoln Electric K2185 1 Handy Mig Welder

Lincoln Electric K2185 is our second choice of top 7 best tig welder list. Some of the sites are listing this product in the first position, but we are putting it at the second position based on user experience and amazon reviews. Lincoln Electric K2185 is coming from a 120-year-old and experienced brand, and they are producing high-quality products to improve the user experience. And this welding package is coming with a lot of quality features at affordable prices.

Lincoln Electric K2185 can handle almost all types of work. If you want to use it at your home, then you use it quickly. Because it is portable and small to carry one place to another place and with this portability, you can easily use this welder for your professional work if you are a beginner and want to learn some welding skills. Then I will not suggest you invest a lot of money to buy an expensive welding machine. Even you can go with the Lincoln Electric K2185 handy MIG welder.

You will get swapping option between Mig welding and Flux cord welding. Means Lincoln Electric K2185 allows you both types of welding at the same time. We tried this feature at our office, and we didn’t get any issue, it was working amazingly. You will get 35-88amp output with this multifunctioning feature that makes if very handy.

Lincoln Electric K2185 1 Handy Mig Welder Review

Lincoln Electric K2185 is providing us one more useful feature, cool fan design which will prevent the welder from overheating problem. This feature will make you sure that your portable tig welders safe from the heat. And its another safety feature cold conductor will feel you secure because this will make sure that wire should be cold until you pulled the trigger.

Lincoln brand is offering you one year of warranty for this product. Within a warranty period you can if you get any issue, then you can easily replace the part of your Lincoln Electric K2185 welder free of cost.

Features of Lincoln Electric K2185:

  • Great value for money product.
  • Flex-cored and MIG welding feature.
  • Compact and portable design.
  • Cold Contactor Safety.
  • 4 voltage setting.
  • Wire feed speed adjustment.
Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder
  • Enjoy of a compact, portable and lightweight wire feed welder that is user friendly | Shielding gas sold separately
  • Welder dimensions – 12.8” H x 8.8” W x 18” D | Welds up to – 1/8 in. mild steel | Power cord length – 6ft. | Cored Wire Size Range – .035 | Voltage – 115V, 20 Amp
  • Cold contactor safety feature keeps welding wire electrically “cold” until gun trigger is pressed

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3. Forney 299 125FC Flux Core Welder

Forney 299 125FC Flux Core Welder

Now let’s talk about the third product Forney 299 125FC Flux Core Welder of our list. If you are looking for a flux core welder machine, then it should be easy to use, the portable and primary thing it should be very safe because safety should be the priority for you. And let me tell you guys Forney 299 is a very reliable product. Apart from this, you will get a plug and play feature along with this feature if I would like to talk about its design, then this product is specially designed for newbies. Forney 299 will work on 120v input and 125 amperages.

If you are looking a compact and portable designed welder machine then Forney 299 125FC Flux Core Welder can be an excellent offer for you. It will help you at your home if you are a DIY lover or you want to weld anything in your home then this product will help you out of the box. Because of its portability and compact design, you carry it easily. The latest version of this product is stunning. Forney upgraded multiple features in the latest version of Forney 299 core welder.

Forney 299 125FC Flux Core Welder Review

This machine looks tiny, but that doesn’t mean that its power capacity is low, this will work like a beast. With the beginners, experts also can use it for mid-level work as well. You will not face any issue with Forney 299, and it can work on ¼ inch thick metal as well as angles. I tried this welder personally at my home, and I didn’t get disappointed.

Stainless Steel welding is the toughest part of welding, and if your tig welder is not powerful enough to weld the steel, then it can cause a massive problem for you. But with this machine, you will not face any issue while welding a steel metal. Forney 299 is capable to weld 24 gauge up to ¼ inch. So if you want to weld stainless steel and any other material and you also want a portable and affordable tig welder, then this product can fulfill your all requirements.

Features of Forney 299 125FC Flux Core Welder:

  • Strong and durable welding.
  • 24 gauge up to ¼ inch.
  • 6 feet power cord.
  • Ample Storage.
  • Low Maintenance.
Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC Flux Core Welder, 120-Volt, 125-Amp,Green
  • Gasless flux core welding only
  • Welds 24 gauge up to 1/4 inch
  • 120 volt input and 125 amp output

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4. Lotos MIG 140

Lotos MIG 140

Lotos MIG 140 is a cheap and handy welding machine for any type of work like it can use at your home, and you can also use Lotos MIG 140 for any professional work. If you are a beginner and want to upgrade your tools and you want to switch on any other upgraded and budget welding machine, then this machine can fulfill your all requirements. Lotos is not a very famous name in MIG machines, but it is giving the tough completion the very well known brands. Lotos MIG 140 is very popular on amazon. And it also very popular as a name of tig welders for sale. Now if I would like to talk about it weight then Lotos MIG 140 is coming with 54 pounds weight and literally it can be a very portable machine for you, and you can carry this machine with you one project to another project even you can also use this machine for your DIY project (if you love to do DIY project). You will get this machine with the dimensions of 9.6″ x 16″ x 14.5″, and trust me this will not be a huge welder even you can easily store it in your garage.

Lotos MIG 140 requirest only 110V to 120V input, and you will not need to find any heavy socket to plug it in because you can easily plug this machine in your home sockets and it will not cause any issue. It will be pretty easy to find the socket for this best tig welder. You will get one more exciting feature in this application that is 2t/4t by which you can easily handle feed wire and welding voltage amount at the same time. And this feature will save you much time.

Lotos MIG 140 Review

You will also get an automatic wire feeder. With this feature, you can use any material wire for your welding machine. This wire feeder can roll almost .025″ to .030″ of steel wire and .030″ to .035″ of Flux core wire. And Lotos MIG 140 can be used with gas or without gas this feature is stunning. If you want to use gas in this welder, then you can use it, and if you’re going to use it through electricity, then you can also do it.

You will get 1-year manufacturer warranty with Lotos MIG 140 welder. If your product receives any issue, then you can easily replace the product and defected part free of cost.

Features of Lotos MIG 140:

  • You can set up it in 10 minutes.
  • 4 and 8-inch spools.
  • Affordable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Heat protection.
  • Can be used with or without gas.
LOTOS MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder, Flux Core & Aluminum Gas Shielded Welding with 2T/4T Switch Argon Regulator, Metal Wire Feeder, Brown/Black
  • ★ Aluminum Wire Feeder—The durable high quality aluminum wire feeder offers a much more stable and better welding experience.
  • ★ More Precisely--Customer can adjust the wire feeder speed and welding voltage more precisely with the 2 digital displayers. new designed ground cable quick connector.★2T/4T—2T(Manual)/4T(Semi-auto) switch is now available; you can release your finger for long time welding job.
  • ★Rated Output--140-amp MIG welder; mild/stainless steel: 24 gauge - 3/16"; input voltage: 110/120v; it can be easily connected to your existing 110/120v wall outlet.

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5. Lotos LTPDC2000D

Lotos LTPDC2000D

Are you looking for a multipurpose welding machine which can 3 tasks at the same time? So don’t worry about it, in this 5th review I am going to share Lotos LTPDC2000D which can perform 3 tasks at the same time. You can do 200A stick welder, 200A DC TIG welder, as well as 50A welding, Isn’t it a great product? If you are thinking, this product can be costly then you are wrong this product can fit in your budget very easily because it is a budget-friendly product. This machine is cheap, not in quality. Lotos LTPDC2000D can cut up to ½ inches metal easily with this 50A pilot arc feature.

Lotos LTPDC2000D is very easy to use if you are not an expert then doesn’t worry, you can also use it ease. If you are a professional welder, then you can also use this machine for some small projects, but this machine has all the professional features which you need to perform some more significant tasks.

Lotos LTPDC2000D is one of the best tig welders because of its non-touch pilot feature. By which don’t need to touch the metal when you cut. Without touch the metal, this welding machine can cut metal effectively and sufficiently. This product is also known as a very innovative product with this feature, and it enhances the quality of cutting the metal. Lotos LTPDC2000D is very useful to cut any surface like you can cut any painted, rough as well as rust surfaces.

Lotos LTPDC2000D Review

This machine has dual voltage feature with this feature you will get 110V/220V50/60Hz. And this feature makes it different from others because of this feature you can complete your work as soon as possible, it will increase the capability of cutting the metal. Lotos LTPDC2000D use compressed air to the heavy metals with this air you will get the outstanding cutting finish.

When you are searching for the best tig welder for the money, it is very crucial to find a better option because of the competition, but today I will highly recommend you to buy this product. You will experience outstanding performance. This machine can cut into the deep of any metal with the help of 50A pilot arc plasma. Lotos LTPDC2000D comes with a user-friendly user manual, and after reading the manual, you can use this machine easily. This user manual explains everything about the welding even if you don’t know much about the welder.

Features of Lotos LTPDC2000D:

  • Multipurpose.
  • Nontouch pilot arc.
  • Dual voltage.
  • 200-amp machine.
LOTOS LTPDC2000D Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Tig Welder and Stick Welder 3 in 1 Combo Welding Machine,½ Inch Clean Cut,Brown
  • ★ NON-TOUCH PLASMA CUTTER: 10-50AMP Plasma Cutter Current Output; Max Ideal Cut Thickness: 1/2" ; Max Severance Thickness: 3/4"; Pilot Arc Torch Efficiently Cuts through Rough, Painted, and Rusty Surfaces and Produces Minimal Slag; Compact Plasma Cutter Has a Handle for Portability and Uses Non-Hazardous Compressed Air to Cut Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Mild steel, Copper, and Aluminum
  • ★ TIG WELDER: 15-200AMP DC TIG Electric Current Output; Quality TIG welding on Stainless or Steel and Precise Welding of Thinner-gauge Materials; HF arc start hand torch control and Precise Foot Pedal Welding Heat Control(Foot Pedal NOT Included).STICK/MMA WELDER: 15-200AMP DC Stick/MMA Electric Current Output; Easy ARC Start, Stable Welding Arc; Deep Weld Pool and Beautiful Welding Shape;
  • ★ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We offer 30 days refund and a 3-YEARS Limited Warranty: include 1 Year NEW Replacement Warranty. ★ US BASED CUSTOMER CARE & SUPPORT TEAM: please feel free to contact us by phone or email, we always stand back on our products. Please submit the registration form on our website.

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6. PrimeWeld CT520D

PrimeWeld CT520D

Now we will talk about the 6th review of our top 7 best tig welder list. It is also a 3 in one welding machine. In this machine, you can use TIG or stick welder as well as a plasma cutter. You can switch between them according to your work without any problem. You don’t need to carry 3 machines with you to complete 3 different tasks.

If you have PrimeWeld CT520D, then you can complete these 3 tasks with a single machine. If you want to work on plasma cutter then it can get up to 50 Amperes, and if you are working for stick or TIG welding then it will work up to 200 Amperes, and you can switch anytime according to your material. And it will be effortless and quick.

PrimeWeld CT520D is coming with dual voltage functioning. That means this small tig welder can work on 120V and 240V both. Means if you are receiving 110V current then you can use it on 110V mode, and If you can receiving 120V, then you can switch your voltage to 120V with the help of pigtail. But with this machine you will net get pigtail, if you want to use it then you need to but it separately. Because of this feature, this machine becomes very handy.

PrimeWeld CT520D Review

With these features, PrimeWeld is offering 3 years of warranty for this product and this a very fantastic offer for any welding machine.

Features of PrimeWeld CT520D:

  • 3 in 1.
  • lightweight and compact.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Dual voltage option.
  • Dual-frequency.
PrimeWeld 3-in-1 50 Amp Plasma Cutter, 200 Amp TIG Welder and 200 Amp Stick Welder - Welding and Cutting Combo, Mobile Welding Machine, Portable Plasma Cutter, Multipurpose Welder and Cutter, CT-520D
  • MULTIPURPOSE WELDER AND CUTTER: Cut many metals up to 1/2" thick with the 50A plasma cutting function. The TIG and stick welding settings also work with a variety of metals. Features an 50Hz/60Hz input power frequency and 85% power efficiency.
  • VERSATILE 3-IN-1 WELDING/CUTTING MACHINE: The 50A plasma cutter is used for cast iron, mild steel, copper, and more. The 200A TIG torch can weld magnesium, and stainless steel. Use the 200A stick welder for minor welding repairs.
  • UNIQUE MULTIPURPOSE WELDING MACHINE/PLASMA CUTTER IN DESIGN & PERFORMANCE: This 200 Amp welder consumes less energy, lowering the operation cost. The safe and user-friendly plasma cutter doesn’t use flammable constituents, reducing exposure to risks.

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7. Forney Easy Weld 261 Welder

Forney Easy Weld 261 Welder

I am hoping you already know about the Forney brand. If you don’t know about this brand, then let me know that Forney company is running since 1932 and they have almost 86 years of experience. So we can’t say that it is a local brand. They are developing tools and equipment and accessory for multiple industries. That’s why we are adding this brand in our top 7 best tig welder list at the 7th position. They are offering 5000 different metalworking products in this competitive era.

So today we are going to talk about the Forney easy weld 261 welder machine. Now If I would like to talk about its usage, then this one very easy to use and handle because of its model and easy to setup. You can set up this product in a few minutes while other product takes some time to set up fully. And the weight of this product is only 19 pounds. Forney easy weld 261 is very easy to carry one workshop to another one. Means you don’t need another person to carry this product you can handle it alone.

Forney Easy Weld 261 Welder Review

Forney easy weld 261 uses 0.30 in. or 0.35 in. flux core wire. With this, you will get infinite voltage control on it as well as you will get wire feed speed control So you can complete your word very effectively and sufficiently. This welding machine is handy for entry-level welders because its prices are not much high and it is also effortless to use.

Forney easy weld 261 is coming with 140 Amp with this output you can easily cut ¼ inch metal very quickly. Nobody can say that this machine is only for beginners. If you are a mid-level expert and you want a portable welder, then you can also go with this option, but I will recommend this machine only for beginners. If you are looking for the best tig welder for home use, then Forney easy weld 261 can be the best option for you. You can do any home welding with this welder it needs only 120V input. So you don’t need heavy electricity sockets to run this welding machine.

You will also get Integrated handle with torch wrap and a 20A-15A adapter as well as 8′ MIG gun and 8′ ground clamp in this machine. This is a small package with professional features.

Features of Forney easy weld 261:

  • Easy to use.
  • Portable.
  • Uses 0.30 in. or 0.35 in. flux core wire.
  • Up to 140 Amp output.
  • 8′ MIG gun, 8′ ground clamp.
  • Integrated handle with torch wrap and a 20A-15A adapter.
  • 12-month warranty.
  • 120-volt input.
  • Infinite voltage and wire feed speed control.
Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i Welder, 120V, Green
  • EASY TO USE-140 FC-I MIG machine uses 0.30, flux core wire. It has infinite voltage and wire feed speed control so you can dial in the perfect weld! Perfect entry level welder
  • POWERFUL- Up to 140 Amp output that allows you to weld mild steel up to 1/4 in plate
  • PORTABLE WELDER- Lightweight 19 lbs. easily carried to any Do-It-Yourself, Maintenance, Repair, Metal Fabrication and Hobbyist project

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Final Words:

I believe now you know everything about these tig welders, and now without wasting your single second, you should visit the direct buying link where you can buy this product directly. We never suggest the useless product to the user, we always tried to find some best and stunning products for you. It takes time to find such these types of great products but trusts me this is our job to provide you the right products.

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